Debit Cards

An additional service that First Federal offers is the Debit Card – the card that looks like a credit card but works like a check!  With your First Federal Debit Card, you can access money from your checking account by using it to make purchases or for ATM cash withdrawals without ever having to write out a check.  Your monthly statement will list all transactions made with your debit card, and since it's not a credit card, you will not pay interest charges or credit card fees. 

How do First Federal Debit Cards work?

The Debit Card gives you a faster, more economical, more convenient way to buy the products and services you need.  When retailers ask you if you want to pay for your purchase with debit or credit, you have two options.

  • Sign for your purchase like a credit card.  Press the "Credit" button and sign for your purchases. 
  • Use your PIN at participating retailers. To get cash back when you make a purchase, if the retailer permits, press the "Debit" or "ATM" button on the retailer's terminal then enter your PIN.

Where can I use my Debit Card?

You can use your Debit Card wherever MasterCard is accepted - at merchant locations across the U.S., including restaurants, hotels, and online retailers.  If you want to use your Debit Card while traveling, for cash withdrawals or purchases outside of the United States, please contact us.  The Debit Card may also be used as an ATM card – get cash, transfer funds between accounts linked to your card and make deposits.  Just access your accounts at our First Federal ATM or any Accel® Network, Maestro, or PLUS system ATM whenever it is convenient for you.

Enjoy paying bills with convenience

Use your Debit Card to pay bills such as your club membership, utilities, internet, or cell phone service.  You'll save valuable time spent on writing checks and mailing payments.  Avoid mail delays and late fees when you use your Debit Card to pay bills.  There's no service fee — just contact your service providers to set it up.

Make one-time payments – Pay your bills each month as they come in, but instead of writing checks and paying for postage, use your Debit Card.

Set up recurring payments – Contact your regular service providers just once, and tell them to use your Debit Card for future bill payments. After that, your recurring bills will be paid on the scheduled date you choose. 

Enjoy Security

Mastercard® SecureCode™
A personal SecureCode™ is now required when making online purchases at participating merchants.  You can shop online with added protection when you sign up for the free MasterCard® SecureCode™ online service.  Once enrolled, this service provides a simple and secure way for you to use a private code for your Debit Card online transactions.  Only you know what your code is – merchants aren't able to see it.  This additional layer of security helps protect you against unauthorized use of your MasterCard online.  You will be asked to enter your SecureCode™ before your online transaction is completed.  If you haven't already signed up for your SecureCode™, you can during your transaction at the online merchant and proceed with your purchase immediately, or you can enroll now for MasterCard® SecureCode™.

MasterCard Zero Liability Protection

Whether you use your First Federal Debit Mastercard to shop online, by phone or in a store, every purchase is backed by Zero Liability Protection*.  That means you won't be held responsible in the event that someone makes unauthorized purchases with your card.

*Conditions and exceptions apply.  Please see your First Federal Electronic Fund Transfer Disclosure for information on liability for unauthorized transactions.


Fraud Detection
To help prevent unauthorized use of your debit card, First Federal utilizes a fraud detection system.  This process tracks the type of transactions that are typically made with your debit card and compares the behavior with each new transaction and characteristics of fraud.  If something appears suspicious, you may be called at home to verify the transaction.  If we are not able to leave a message, a letter will be mailed to your home and your card will be restricted until you contact us, or the toll free number in this letter.    

MasterCard Identity Theft Resolution Services
Your MasterCard card has new benefits.  Effective 14 July 2014, benefits include Identity Theft Resolution Services.  To learn more about this valuable benefit, please call 1-800-MC-ASSIST (1-800-622-7747).  To request a printed Guide to Benefits, call 419-238-1463.  You can also visit for a full description of the new benefits and how to use them.

How do I apply

Just stop in to our office to apply for a card (application subject to approval).  All you need is a First Federal Checking account to get started.   When you receive your debit card in the mail, you will need to call 866-661-8548 to activate your card and select your pin number.  This Card Self Service number can also be used to change an existing pin.  You can also change your existing pin at our First Federal ATM.


ATM Cards

First Federal's ATM card allows you to withdraw, deposit or transfer funds any time of the day.  Our card can be used at our First Federal ATM, or at any number of machines that accept Accel® Network, Maestro, and PLUS Systems.  First Federal's Debit card also acts as an ATM card by using your pin number.  New ATM Cards received in the mail need activated and a pin number selected by calling 866-661-8548.  This Card Self Service number can also be used to change an existing pin.  You can also change your existing pin at our First Federal ATM.  Our ATM is located in the first drive-up lane and is available 24/7. 


Lost or Stolen ATM/Debit Card

If your ATM/Debit Card has been lost or stolen and it is during normal business hours, please contact our office immediately at (419) 238-1463. 

If it is after hours, please call (800) 472-3272 for lost or stolen support.