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First Federal's Business Online Banking provides 24 hour access, by viewing account balances and activity, making a loan payment, transferring money between your accounts, and viewing account history along with check images. Handle your business transactions anywhere at anytime - 24 hours a day, seven days a week!


Your information and transactions are securely protected. First Federal's Online Banking has several layers of security, including multi-factor authentication - providing added security by requiring multiple forms of identification. Once online, your transactions and personal information are secured by encryption. Depending on your level of service, a one-time passcode may be sent to you via email.

Note:  First Federal suggests that all of its business customers using the business online banking service should perform a commercial risk assessment and controls evaluation periodically. This will assist in identifying your threats and measure the strength of your internal controls. A risk assessment is intended to give a general idea of risk position. Additional factors will increase or decrease risk.

To report an issue regarding business online banking or ACH services, please contact us.

How do I sign up my business?

On our homepage, click on Enroll above the Online Banking login box for Basic Online Banking services described above. If you want to sign up for our Premium business online products described below, such as Business Bill Pay or ACH Origination, call us at (419) 238-1463, and ask for our Commercial Relationship Manager or our Operations Department for assistance. We will answer any questions you may have, obtain some pertinent information from you, and we will get your business signed up.

Business Bill Pay within Online Banking

First Federal Business Bill Pay is a feature-rich electronic bill payment service solution for businesses.  It tightly integrates the full life cycle of electronic bills from presentment to payment.  Our Business Bill Pay includes the same types of features and functions as our consumer product while including additional functionality specific to small businesses, such as invoice detail and authority levels. As soon as the business user tabs to the Amount or Pay Date fields, the Add Invoices link appears. A single payment may have as many as ten invoices attached. Because invoices cannot be attached to electronic payments, the payment is remitted by draft check, including all of the invoice information, via U.S. Mail. If an invoice is attached to the payment, the Pay Date changes to four business days out in order to mail the draft check, even if the biller accepts next day payments.

As a business customer, you can authorize multiple business users' access to the service and can designate an authority level for each person. Authority levels determine the functionality that business users can access and actions that business users are able to perform.

Why should I pay online?

Paying your business bills online can help make your accounts payable process more efficient and organized.

You can:

  • make one-time payments.
  • Set up automatic payments for repeating bills and for billers that are activated for e-bills.
  • get bills delivered to you online.
  • send detailed invoice information with your payments.
  • More control over your accounts payable process - the Payment Center brings all the critical payment tasks to one central location to save you time and keep you organized.
  • Faster payments. The dynamic calendar shows you the earliest date the biller can receive your payment. Many payments can be made by the next day.
  • A simplified user interface. We've made it easier to receive and pay e-bills, set up automatic payments and reminders, sign up for e-mail notifications, and more!
  • Receive e-mail message alerts when a new biller is added for increased security. The Messages links allow you to send email and view bill pay messages and e-bill notices.
  • The Bill History page allows the business user to review payment history for the last 18 months from the current date, including invoices. E-bills may be viewed for the last 13 months.
  • Business users may create reminders to pay billers that are not set up for e-bills or recurring payments - delivered to the business email address indicated during enrollment.
  • A payment note can be added to any payment from the Payment Confirmation page in a 256-character field. Payment notes are for the business user's personal use within the application - the notes are not printed on any checks remitted to the biller.
  • Business Bill Pay includes a payment memo feature for paper payments. The Memo filed is a 34-character field that the user can edit for any paper payment. The memo and the account number are printed on the check.
  • Each business user has the ability to create and manage biller groups that are meaningful and viewable only to that user.
  • For those businesses with multiple bank accounts linked to bill pay, you can choose which account is the preferred bank account for payments.
  • After billers are added, business users can either make a single payment to one biller, or make payments to multiple billers at one time from the Payment Center page.

How do I sign up my business?

To establish your premium business online account with or without bill pay, contact our Commercial Relationship Manager or our Operations Department for assistance to add this service.

Business eStatements within Online Banking

We offer free online Business eStatements - let us know if you have questions about our eStatements.

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